I’ve got two podcasts available now! One is co-hosted by my astronomer boyfriend, and the other is a solo project about building a career as an artist. Read more about each of them below.



Welcome to Hatchling, the show for artists who want to earn a living. Each episode I'll answer questions from people around the world on topics including creativity, social media, mental health, finances, and more. I know from experience what it takes to succeed in this field and I'll share honest advice on how to get there. Hatchling will awaken the go-getter in you and leave you feeling inspired, encouraged, and a little less alone.

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truth & beauty

Which is scarier: a math equation or a blank canvas? Chances are at least one of those strikes a chord. Truth & Beauty brings you stories that will make sense even if you haven't held a paintbrush or solved for x since grade school. It's a conversation between an artist and a scientist united by their ignorance of the other's subject. Each episode tells the story behind an aspect of everyday life.